Kieron Kirkland
Corporate Parties Weddings Stage

Looking for something to raise your event head and shoulders above the rest? Hiring Kieron is a great way to give your guests a unique, shared experience that will leave them entertained and intrigued in equal measure!

Want your party to be the party that everyone talks about? You know that one people are still talking about when you see them at the next party? Hiring Kieron is an ideal way to give your guests a treat that will stick with them long after their hangovers have receded!

Hiring a Magician is a ideal way to break the ice at a reception and provide a talking point for your guests. Kieron's unique blend of magic and mind reading effects will provide an (second!) enjoyable shared experience for your guests.

Kieron is an established stage performer and offers cabaret style sets tailored to your requirements. Why stop with close-up entertainment when he could perform to everyone at once?